All calves are available in person at the Farm in Mitchell, South Dakota for your inspection. You may bid online, in person or over the phone.

July - October Fall Born Prospects
20 Head Sired by Monopoly, Alias, Buddy Love, Carpe Diem, Money Talks, Heat Wave, Warrant, Walks Alone & Thriller.

Bushy Park Farms, Heath Cattle Company, Havelik, Muller & Vickland Show Cattle.

Lot 1
sire: Walks Alone •  dam: 755 (Hoo Doo)
This ones got slick shear wrote all over him. Huge hipped,
rocket necked and smooth made as you can build them. Houston here we come.

Lot 2
sire: Thriller •  dam: Maine
We’ve have had great success with Thriller and Lot 2 will show you
one of the reasons why. Stout and chubby built with a splash of color to
catch the judges eye.


Lot 3
sire: Carpe Diem •  dam: Maine X Angus
This is a deep sided individual that is sure built right for the times.
Moderate, complete and balanced with hair hanging off of him. He’ll shear out
and change as much as any of them.

Lot 4
sire: Milk Man •  dam: 673 (Charolais)
We all know the success the Milk Man’s have been having the last couple years.
Here’s a super sound, good looking red calf that will compete at a high level.
You can either show this one or show against him it’s your choice.


Lot 5
sire: Money Talks •  dam: Throttle X Peggy Sure
Sib to 2008 Ft Worth Champion Steer
Full brother to the 2008 Champion Steer at Fort Worth.
Good looking, stout and all kinds of shape. This one will work equally in
the hair as good as he will without.

Lot 6
sire: Alias •  dam: Maine X Angus
This one has hair to burn. Extra chubby and stout. He’s a haircut
away from major dollars!


Lot 7
sire: Warrant •  dam: Who Made Who
Out of the Heat Wave son Warrant. Lot 7 is perfect balanced and
very complete in the way he’s put together. He goes back to a
awesome who made who cow that always kicks them out.

Lot 8
sire: Carpe Diem •  dam: Maine
This red baldy is a tick younger. He’s comin on strong every day.
Who ever gets this one will be excited by the time they get here to pick him up.


Lot 9
sire: Money Talks  •  dam: Throttle X Peggy Sure
Sib to 2008 Ft Worth Champion Steer
Full brother to the 2008 Champion Steer at Fort Worth. Much like his brother
he's stout as you’ll want them and walk the dog sound structured.

Lot 10
sire: Alias Son  •  dam: Almost Famous X Smokem
Look at the hair hanging off of this guy. It’s like an alpaca! You him wet
and there’s dang sure something to him too. This is a deep set from top to bottom.


Lot 11
sire: Alias •  dam: Maine X Angus
Another black Alias steer that chubby and sound as the day is long.
This one will be a feeding machine.

Lot 12
sire: Buddy Love •  dam: 603 (Maine)
Here’s one that we hope will get in as a shorthorn. He’s cool looking,
sound as a cat and extra complete in his kind. We got high hopes for this one!


Lot 13
sire: Thriller •  dam: Maine
Another son of Thriller that is a little younger but has had
a cocky look since birth. He’s out of a awesome maine cow. Little feed
in this little guy and he’ll make ya look pretty smart.

Lot 14
sire: Carpe Diem •  dam: Maine X Angus
These next to Carpe Diem’s look like they’ll feed tremendous.
This might one of the best in the offering. He is right for how they’re picking them.
Ultra sound, balanced and complete.


Lot 15
sire: Carpe Diem •  dam: Maine X Angus
This montley faced calf will catch the judges eye the minute you hit the ring.
He’ll sure give you a look.

Lot 16
sire: Heat Wave •  dam: Who Made Who
The only heifer in the offering. She’ll make you a Chi, breeding heifer
or a steer raising factory.


Lot 17
sire: Heat Wave Son •  dam: Cross
Out of a Heatwave Son this white socked steer is out of a powerful
DeRouchey donor cow. Take a look at that picture. He’s got style to burn.

Lot 18
sire: Monopoly •  dam: Irish Whiskey
These last two are summer born. This red steer is like the ones that have
been winning. Huge ribbed, extra sound and has Cowtown wrote all over him.


Lot 19
sire: HF Newman •  dam: Shorthorn
Shorthorn prospect for Fort Worth offered here. Great color and just enough
stoutness to compete but not to much that he won’t classify. If your looking for a shorthorn here he is!