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We have selected five of the very best bulls on the farm to offer for sale. These bulls are ready to work.
Please contact any member of the Bushy Park Farm team for more information or details on the offering.
This offering is a first-come, first-serve. If you are interested in one of these elite sires contact us today.
Cory Thomsen, General Manager, 605-730-2397 • Trae Simmons, Director of Sales, 765-438-2312
Brent Meister, Herdsman, 402.380.4876 • www.bpfcc.com

BPF Cross Canadian 267Z - PB Maine - 431395
sire: Legacy Plus - dam: 4U - bw: 80 - ww: 705
dob: 1.29.2012 - THF - PHAF
SM: 39.75 CM - WEIGHT: 1105 on 2/5/2013
Here is a Legacy Plus son that has breeding bull written all over him! Stout, sound and still good in his make-up, we feel this bull can do big things for anyone’s herd.
EPDs: BW: 1.8; WW:39.4; YW: 72.2; Milk: 18.4; M&G: 38.1
BPF Full Shift 250Z - 3/8 Maine - 431682
sire: Irish Whiskey - dam: 4138 (Angus) - bw: 88 - ww: 515
dob: 3.27.2012 - THF - PHAF
SM: 37.5 CM - WEIGHT: 1050 on 2/5/2013
Lot 2 is a DOUBLE CLEAN full brother to our popular BPF Beast bull. Big bodied, sound and easy fleshing this bull being PHA and TH clean has unlimited mating possibilities.
EPDs: BW: 1.9; WW: 44.5; YW: 90.1; Milk:12.8; M&G: 35.0
BPF T-Rex 268Z - 1/2 Maine - 431685
sire: Predator 19U - dam: Friction - bw: 91 - ww: 505
dob: 4.10.2012 - THF - PHAF
SM: 36.75 CM - WEIGHT: 1025 on 2/5/2013
This Predator son has been a favorite since birth. Long necked, really attractive in his make-up this half blood PHA and TH free son will inject look and style into your cows.
EPDs: BW: N/A; WW: N/A; YW: N/A; Milk: N/A; M&G: N/A
BBR Zyler 11Z - 5/8 Maine - 430169
sire: Prototype - dam: GCC Miss Sharpie - bw: 79 - ww: 727
dob: 4.21.2012 - THF - PHAF
If you are looking for a heifer bull then this baldy Prototype is him. Calving ease but still stout the baldy on the face is an added bonus!
EPDs: BW: 1.6; WW: 35.4; YW: 90.1; Milk: 19.2; M&G: 36.9

SLC Max - ChiAngus - 355356
sire: SLC Ace In The Hole 530T - dam: SLC MS Elway 320S
bw: N/A - ww: N/A
dob: 7.25.2011 - THF - PHAF

If you want an older bull then this two year Chi-Angus needs serious consideration. Stout, sound and huge bodied he is ready to go to work.
EPDs: BW:3.3; WW: 41.7; YW:79.1; Milk: 12.8
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